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Aptima’s HR Department Receives Award

Aptima’s HR Department Receives Award

Aptima’s Human Resources Department Receives Outstanding Achievement Award from Veterans’ and Employers’ Connection of Miami Valley

Woburn, MA, November 2, 2015 – Aptima’s Human Resources Department has received an outstanding achievement award from the Veterans’ and Employers’ Connection, a community alliance led by Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley. The Department was recognized for its commitment and dedication to hiring veterans as a part of the Veterans’ and Employers’ Connection’s efforts.

The Veterans’ and Employers’ Connection is dedicated to the meaningful, long-term employment of veterans. The Connection utilizes a coordinated, holistic approach to provide streamlined, broad-based support to meet the employment needs of veterans by capitalizing on the unique strengths, capabilities, and opportunities that exist.

HRAptima has been a member of the Connection since October 3, 2014, beginning the partnership only a few months following the Connection’s inception.

On October 9, 2015, Veterans’ and Employers’ Connection Program Director Daniel Semsel visited Aptima’s the Woburn, Massachusetts office to present the award. Recognized for their efforts to provide employment opportunities to our service men and women were Aptima CFO/COO Thomas J. McKenna, Director of Human Resources Mary Grace Springthorpe, and Human Resources Administrator Jennifer Tremblay.

About the Veterans’ and Employers’ Connection

The objective of the Veterans’ and Employers’ Connection is to provide meaningful, long-term employment opportunities for veterans across the greater Miami Valley with particular emphasis on veterans with disabilities and wounded warriors. The goal of the Connection is to get 5,000 veterans employed by 2020. The network approach of connecting employers, support agencies, community agencies, and veterans leverages the community as a whole increasing the impact we can have on a population whose unemployment rates trend higher than the general public. With 66 current Connection members, since going public in July, 2014, the Connection has contributed to 493 veterans finding employment in the Miami Valley. For more information, visit vetsemployerconnect.org.