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Aptima Strategies Help Set Workplace Climate

Aptima Strategies Help Set Workplace Climate

Aptima’s Strategies Help Leaders Express Their INTENT & Set the Workplace CLIMATE

Programs at ASTD are designed for leading today’s flatter and fragmented organizations

Woburn, MA, May 4, 2012 – An executive faces a tempting option for short-term gain, potentially threatening the company’s reputation (and stock price) if discovered, but makes the tough choice, the right choice. With leaders responsible not just for their own ethical actions, but ultimately the entire organization, how can they ensure employees in today’s decentralized workplace will also make the hard, ethical choices?

Aptima, which advances the science in how people think, learn, and perform has developed two leadership strategy programs; CLIMATE™, which provides leaders the tools to shape an ethical or innovative workplace environment, and INTENT™, to ensure team members act effectively in their absence.

“With today’s less hierarchical and more distributed workforces, leaders can’t be physically everywhere, which makes imprinting their vision and expectations even more challenging and important,” said Zachary Horn, Ph.D., manager of Aptima’s leadership solutions. “Whether it’s to reinforce a climate that supports ethical behavior, or to inspire the cross-division cooperation that you need for innovation, leaders need skills to have that magnifier effect.”

The CLIMATE Workshop, a facilitator-led discussion with interactive exercises, gives the leader the practical methods for influencing the workplace environment. These four primary actions include how to assess the organization’s climate, and how to role model, articulate, and enforce expectations. Included are the ClimateCard, a pocket reference guide with quick tips for daily use; and the ClimateApp, the mobile application for Apple©, Android™, and Blackberry© smart devices. CLIMATE Online, the adaptive web-based application that tailors scenario-based simulations for each learner – ideal for remote leaders or workshop participants – will be debuting at ASTD.

INTENT is a discussion-based workshop that emphasizes strategies for how leaders can articulate their often unspoken or implicit expectations with their teams – before opportunities for failure arise.  Research studies indicate it can take as long as 6 months to one year to truly understand a leader’s implicit intent and to anticipate the “right” decision.

“Too often the counter-productive, costly mistakes that occur in organizations, which are chalked up to trial and error or the ‘learning curve’, could be avoided in the first place,” said Horn.  “Perhaps a customer service issue wasn’t properly resolved or client project wasn’t delivered according to expectations.  Leaders can reduce those disconnects and be more assured of getting desired results from their teams by expressing the preferences and expectations that live ‘in their head,’ making the implicit ‘explicit’. That’s a hallmark of enlightened leadership,” added Horn.

Aptima’s Leadership Solutions [Archived Link No Longer Available] will be showcased at booth 114, at the ASTD 2012 International Conference and Exposition, May 6-9, 2012 at the Colorado Convention Center.