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Aptima Names a New Vice President

Aptima Names a New Vice President

Aptima Names Dr. Shawn Weil Vice President

WeilWoburn, MA, March 17, 2014 – Aptima, Inc. today announced the promotion of Dr. Shawn Weil to the position of Vice President. In this new role, Dr. Weil is responsible for formulating and executing business strategy that advances Aptima’s presence in the defense and law enforcement R&D markets.

Dr. Weil joined Aptima in 2004 as a Cognitive Psychologist and since 2009 has served as the Director of its Analytics, Modeling, and Simulation (AM&S) Division. Under his leadership, Aptima secured key contract awards from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Dr. Weil serves as the Principal Investigator of the evaluation thrust of the DARPA Strategic Social Interaction Modules (SSIM) program, developing “innovative, cost-effective methods for training warfighters in the basic human dynamics skills and proficiencies needed to enter into social encounters, regardless of the cultural, linguistic, or other contextual parameters.” He also oversees the portfolio of programs related to advanced analytic techniques, including the DARPA PlanX and GUARD DOG programs. Under Plan X, Aptima is helping establish “a foundational cyberwarfare program to develop platforms for the Department of Defense to plan for, conduct, and assess cyberwarfare in a manner similar to kinetic warfare.” In GUARD DOG, Aptima developed its patented NETSTORM technology, a system of algorithms for better focusing intelligence collection and identifying these murky adversarial, neutral, and friendly networks. Dr. Weil continues to serve as the Acting Director of the AM&S Division.

As a result of these engagements and others, Aptima expanded its customer base, extended its technologies and increased its capabilities in the areas of activity-based intelligence, big data, social analytics, model-based performance assessment, and natural language processing.

“I’m very excited by this new role,” says Dr. Weil, “because it provides an opportunity to bring together interests in technology development, applied research, and business process. My hope is that I can facilitate a closer alignment between our customers’ needs and our technology development.”

Dr. Weil is an expert in the selection and application of natural language processing techniques to assess aspects of individual and team performance, and the investigation of organizational adaptation through model-driven experimentation. He has directed a number of innovative programs at Aptima ranging from communications-based human performance assessment, evaluation of organizational and command and control structures, and utilization of non-traditional training methodologies. Dr. Weil received a Ph.D. in Cognitive/Experimental Psychology from The Ohio State University and a BA in Psychology/Music from Binghamton University (SUNY).