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Aptima Issued Patent for “TeamBuilder” Technology

Aptima Issued Patent for “TeamBuilder” Technology

Aptima Issued Patent for “TeamBuilder” Technology Developed for Air Force Research Laboratory

Patent takes novel approach to quickly building expert adhoc teams for missions

Woburn, MA, March 28, 2011 – Faced with an expanding set of military missions that include humanitarian, counter-insurgency, and police functions, commanders often contend with situations that require identifying the right expertise both inside and outside their immediate staff.  How can they identify the right people with the right skills at the right time when these challenges arise?

Aptima, which specializes in applying expertise in how humans think, learn, and behave, has been issued a patent for technology that can quickly identify individuals and create teams possessing the optimal mix of talent and skills for a particular mission. The patented technology was created by Aptima under the “TeamBuilder” Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award for the Air Force Research Laboratory. TeamBuilder was designed for the Air Force requirement of rapidly identifying those individuals with the technical expertise to effectively participate on ad-hoc virtual teams responding to emergent threats.

Aptima’s patent entitled “Method and System to Compare Data Entities” incorporates topic modeling techniques, software development, organizational psychology, language analysis, and network analysis. “The secret sauce is the multidisciplinary approach, pulling these components together to solve the human problem of how to build expert teams from individuals that may be scattered throughout an organization or across the world,” said Andrew Duchon Ph.D., one of the patent’s four inventors.

TeamBuilder in Action

For the commander specifying the task requirements, the TeamBuilder technology sorts through and identifies the technical skills of potential team members, which are inferred through analysis of their technical publications, education, work history, e-mail, and other work-related documents. Combined with organizational data, TeamBuilder locates those who have the required expertise, assesses different combinations of experts, and recommends for the task the team with the best mix of skills.

The patented technology the TeamBuilder framework is built on is not domain specific, which makes it applicable to environments with different data sources, operations, and missions, including other agencies within the Department of Defense (DoD), non-DoD government agencies, and most commercial organizations. “As long as an organization is networked and has bandwidth, commanders or executives can identify and integrate the best mix of experts for virtual adhoc teams on demand,” added Kara Orvis, Ph,D., Aptima’s TeamBuilder Program Manager and co-inventor of the patented technology.

For information about licensing the TeamBuilder technology, please contact Michael J. Paley, Executive Vice President, Aptima, Inc. at paley@aptima.com.

View more information about Aptima’s patent number 7,822,750.

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