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Optimizing Training

USAF awards $12M Contract to Aptima to Develop Virtual Training System for Distributed Common Ground System

The U.S. Air Force has awarded Aptima a $12,425,604 contract to develop a virtual training environment for its Distributed Common Ground System operations (DCGS). The DCGS is the Air Force’s primary platform for collecting and analyzing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) to support its missions. The virtual training system is designed to better prepare Air Force operators tasked to produce actionable intelligence from its globally networked systems and sensors.

DCGS operators currently rely on live, on-the-job training during missions. The transition to a scenario-based simulator is expected to enhance the development of both individual positional skills and crew competencies for Airmen who process, analyze, and share actionable intelligence from a variety of video, geospatial and other data sources.

The weapon systems trainer will incorporate Aptima’s A-Measure® software, which measures trainee performance in live, virtual and constructive environments (LVC), and its Advanced Learning Management platform, which dynamically adapts instruction to optimize each trainee’s learning.

“By simulating the mission demands operators encounter, measuring their progress and performance, and tailoring their instruction, the system will remove the typical limitations of one-size-fits-all training” said Mike Garrity, Executive Vice President of Government Programs at Aptima. “This will ensure trainees are focused on developing the essential skills, delivering the greatest return on training investment.”

Aptima will team with Leidos on the contract. The work will be performed at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio, and at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia through Q2 2018.The project is being funded through a Phase III Small Business Innovation Research contract, transitioning previous research and development Aptima completed in Phases I and II for a Distributed Weapons Systems Trainer.

Aptima’s A-Measure® platform is used throughout the Department of Defense to assess individual and team performance, helping optimize learning and skills transfer from LVC exercises.

“We envision applying the Advanced Learning Management platform, with its ability to tailor instruction, to areas beyond the DCGS project, such as language and cultural training,” added Garrity.

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