Aptima at IITSEC 2022

Aptima at IITSEC 2022

Proficiency and Readiness at Scale

Focus Events

Adaptive Training at Scale: Ready for Primetime? 

WEDNESDAY, 30 NOV 0830-1000 W300-THEATRE
Moderator: Daniel Serfaty, CEO, Aptima, Inc.
Lloyd Kleinman, Chief Technologist, International Programs, Surface Combat Systems Training Command
Alicia Sanchez, Director of Innovation, DAUx at Defense Acquisition University
Janet Spruill, Senior Vice President, Government Programs, Aptima, Inc.

CMSP 3.0 – Reinvention

MONDAY, 28 NOV  1245-1415  ROOM W300-THEATRE
Panelists include: George Stone, Aptima, Inc.



SHIPMATE/STRMS/ASEV — Supporting fleet readiness from schoolhouse to deck plate —

A performance measurement suite that pools and assesses data from (Navy) training and operational environments to close the loop between learning and performance. Agnostic tools and advanced analytics link trainee qualifications and learning in the schoolhouse to performance measurement on the deck plate to provide commanders insights on proficiencies and readiness for staffing and teaming; needs and gaps for instructors and trainees, and inputs to the adaptive learning ecosystem for continuous Sailor improvement. 

TeamVitals/JADC2 — How do you know your JADC2 team is ready? —
TeamVitals/JADC2 taps into largely invisible comms and network activity to provide a wholistic picture of multi-team joint operations. Unique visualization and metrics assess, diagnosis, and pinpoint gaps in communication and coordination to inform leadership of team states and guidance for improving multi-domain operations. 

CLEAR: RAD – VR behavioral fidelity for mission rehearsal —
An augmented reality-as-a-service that provides deep behavioral fidelity for mission rehearsal in radiological and other hazardous incidents.  Physics-based models replicate radiation, O2, and toxic gases, instruments and sensors, and human factors to accurately test, train, and evaluate cognitive workload and decision-making proficiencies across a wide range of scenarios and settings.  

USAF Booth 1539: DART Simulator. The Driving-based Adaptive Research Testbed (DART) is an experimental testbed utilizing game-based development technology to support rapid research of adaptation strategies and sensor evaluation. The Gaming Research Integration for Learning Laboratory (GRILL®) team which includes Aptima has been researching methods for making adaptive training more effective across the Air Force.

Avatar Booth 1420: SIA Immersive AR Job Aid. The Simplified Intelligent Augmented Reality (SIA) demonstration will show the capability of the immersive (Augmented Reality) job-aiding solution with performance assessment capability. Developed by AVATAR Partners and Aptima, SIA is an XR job aid that augments the on-the-job performance of maintenance professionals. SIA also incorporates a training system mode that enables users to learn and increase proficiency of maintenance skills in the immerse environment.

WHAT:                Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)

WHERE:              Orange County Convention Center, West Concourse, Orlando, FL

WHEN:                Nov 28–Dec 1. For exhibit hours, visit: www.iitsec.org.


Development of a Searchable, Web-Based Repository for Sharing AR/VR Training Assets
Jeffrey Beaubien, PhD; Wink Bennett, PhD; Richard B. Ayers; Rick Keithley; Kevin Audrain; James Belanich, PhD
TUESDAY, 29 NOV ▪ 1400 ▪ W307C

Identifying Unique Physiological Indicators of Virtual Reality Sickness
Olivia Fox Cotton, Kevin Durkee, Justin Morgan, Sarah Meyer, Sheila Galbreath; Brennan Coz, Ph.D.; Gabriella Severe-Valsaint, Ada Mishler, LCDR Michael Natali, PhD; Leanne Hirshfield, G S Rajshekar Reddy, Cara Spencer, Gavin Zimmerman
TUESDAY, 29 NOV ▪ 1600 ▪ W307C

Can You Standardize Military Health System Training and Education Data Collection While Allowing the Services to Control how Training is Administered and Conducted?
Amanda van Lamsweerde, Erin Baker; Jeffrey Beaubien, PhD; Ruben Garza; Brett Lord; Cali Fidopiastis; Michael Guest, Sandra Hughes
TUESDAY, 29 NOV ▪ 1600 ▪ W308A

Pilot Training Transformation: Early Results and Lessons Learned
Samantha Emerson, Kent Halverson, Cait Rizzardo, Ramisha Knight, Julia Brown, Audrey Reinert; Mark Hoelscher, Tracy Schmidt, Lisa Tripp; David Mills
WEDNESDAY, 30 NOV • 0830 • W307C

Tackling the Human Performance Data Problem: A Case for Standardization
Alexxa Bessey, Luke Waggenspack, Brian Schreiber; Wink Bennett, PhD
WEDNESDAY, 30 NOV • 0830 • W307C

Automation and Augmentation on Human Performance in eVTOL Flight
Samantha Emerson, Cait Rizzardo, Kent Halverson; Maria Chaparro Osman; Steve Ellis, Andrew Anderson, Don Haley
WEDNESDAY, 30 NOV ▪ 1030 ▪ W307D

An Immersive Content Creation Pipeline for Information Age Training
Deepak Haste, Sudipto Ghoshal; Valarie Yerdon, Maartje Hidalgo, Jeffrey Beaubien, PhD; Jason Wong
WEDNESDAY, 30 NOV ▪ 1400 ▪ W307A

How, When, and What to Adapt: Effective Adaptive Training through Game-Based Development Technology
**Best Paper Nominee**

Summer Rebensky, PhD, Samantha Perry, PhD; Wink Bennett, PhD

Translating AR/VR Research into Useable Information for Nonresearchers
James Belanich, PhD, Frank Moses, PhD, Emily Fedele; Brian Flowers, Susannah Hoch; Wink Bennett, PhD
WEDNESDAY, 30 NOV ▪ 1600 ▪ W308A

Cybernetic Distortion: Training in an Uncanny Virtual World
Brian Flowers, Summer Rebensky, PhD, Michael Keeney, Jeffrey Beaubien, PhD
THURSDAY, 01 DEC ▪ 0830 ▪ W307A

Training Alchemy – Effectively Converting Traditional Training Content to Gold
Cait Rizzardo, Summer Rebensky, PhD, Brian Flowers, Jonathan Reynolds, Peter Neubauer, Kent Halverson, PhD
THURSDAY, 1 DEC ▪ 0830 ▪ W307C

Using Digital Twins in Maintenance Operations and Training
Deepak Haste; Sudipto Ghoshal; Jeffrey Beaubien, Ph.D.; Valarie Yerdon, Maartje Hidalgo; Jason Wong
THURSDAY, 1 DEC ▪ 1330 ▪ W307C