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SeaPort-e Prime Contractor

SeaPort-e Prime Contractor

SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) Multiple Award Contract

Aptima is a prime contractor under SeaPort-e, the Navy’s acquisition vehicle of choice for engineering and program-management services.

SeaPort-e Contract and Task Orders

  • Basic Contract (Solicitation, Offer and Award) N00178-15-D-8082
  • Task Order N00178-15-D-8082 0001

Quality Assurance. A copy of Aptima’s Quality Assurance Policy is available upon demand. High-quality research at Aptima is built on:

  1. Identifying, defining, and structuring the problem to be solved and selecting or developing the approaches or technology best-suited to solving it.
  2. Assigning qualified individuals to perform the research and ensuring that they have adequate time to do the job.
  3. Performing the research – doing the job right.
  4. Presenting the method and the results of the research clearly, completely, and concisely in technical reports, papers, and customer briefings.

Team Members

Aptima, Inc. is the prime contractor and does not have any subcontractors under Contract N00178-15-D-8082.

Points of Contact

Customer Satisfaction

Michael J. Garrity, Vice President, Programs

SeaPort Program

Christopher E. Brouady, Vice President, Contracts

Quality Assurance

Jared Freeman, Chief Scientist