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Webb Stacy – Publications

Webb Stacy – Publications

Additional Publications

For more information about Webb Stacy’s publications, please contact aptima_info@aptima.com.

Stacy‭, ‬W‭. & ‬Freeman‭, ‬J‭. (‬in press‭). ‬Training objective packages‭:  ‬enhancing the effectiveness of experiential training‭. ‬Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science‭. ‬

Beaubien‭, ‬J‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Wiggins‭, ‬S‭., ‬Keeney‭, ‬M‭., ‬Bolton‭, ‬A‭., ‬Grubb‭, ‬J‭., ‬Walwanis‭, ‬M‭., ‬Priest‭, ‬H‭., & ‬Riddle‭, ‬C‭. (‬2015‭). ‬Differentiating measures of learning from measures of performance during aircraft carrier landing‭. ‬Proceedings of the 2015‭ ‬Interservice‭/‬Industry Training‭, ‬Simulation‭, ‬and Education Conference‭, ‬Orlando‭, ‬FL‭. ‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Beaubien‭, ‬J‭., ‬Wiggins‭, ‬S‭., ‬Walwanis‭, ‬M‭., & ‬Bolton‭, ‬A‭. (‬2014‭). ‬Using temporal occlusion to assess carrier landing skills‭. ‬Proceedings of the 2014‭ ‬Interservice/Industry Training‭, ‬Education‭, ‬and Simulation Conference‭, ‬Orlando‭, ‬FL‭.‬

Wiggins‭, ‬S‭., ‬Keeney‭, ‬M‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Beaubien‭, ‬J‭., ‬Pagan‭, ‬J‭., & ‬Bolton‭, ‬A‭. (‬2014‭). ‬The virtuous circle and contextualized knowledge elicitation‭: ‬Application of a new paradigm for job analysis‭. ‬Proceedings of the 2014‭ ‬Interservice/Industry Training‭, ‬Education‭, ‬and Simulation Conference‭, ‬Orlando‭, ‬FL‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Keeney‭, ‬M‭., ‬Colonna-Romano‭, ‬J‭., & ‬Johnson‭, ‬C‭. ‬A technology to author scenario-based training using faded worked examples‭. (‬2014‭). ‬Poster at 2014‭ ‬Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology Conference‭, ‬Honolulu‭, ‬HI‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Walwanis‭, ‬M‭., ‬Wiggins‭, ‬S‭., & ‬Bolton‭, ‬A‭. (‬2013‭). ‬Layered fidelity‭: ‬An approach to characterizing training environments‭. ‬Proceedings of the 2013‭ ‬Interservice/Industry Training‭, ‬Education‭, ‬and Simulation Conference‭, ‬Orlando‭, ‬FL‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬McCormack‭, ‬R‭., ‬Yohai‭, ‬I‭., ‬Skarin‭, ‬B‭., & ‬Sullivan‭, ‬K‭. (‬2012‭). ‬Cultural effects of narratives on individuals and populations‭. ‬Cross-Cultural Decision Making Conference‭, ‬AHFE 2012‭, ‬San Francisco‭.‬

MacMillan J‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭., & ‬Freeman‭, ‬J‭. (‬2011‭). ‬The design of synthetic experiences for effective training‭: ‬Challenges for DMO‭. ‬Tampa‭, ‬FL‭: ‬Taylor‭ & ‬Francis‭.‬

Dean‭, ‬C‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Keeney‭, ‬M‭., ‬Day‭, ‬E‭., ‬Terry‭, ‬R‭., & ‬Alicia‭, ‬T‭. (‬2011‭). ‬Item response theory adapts training to disparately skilled trainees‭. ‬In Proceedings of Interservice/Industry Training‭, ‬Simulation‭, ‬and Education Conference‭, ‬Orlando‭, ‬FL‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Cohn‭, ‬J‭. ‬V‭., ‬Geyer‭, ‬A‭., ‬Wheeler‭, ‬T‭. (‬2010‭). ‬A cognition-based control system for autonomous robots‭. ‬Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 54th Annual Meeting‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭. ‬Cohn‭, ‬J.V‭., ‬Sullivan‭, ‬K‭., & ‬Miller‭, ‬D‭. (‬2010‭). ‬Authoring by cultural demonstration‭. ‬Proceedings of the 2010‭ ‬Cross Cultural Decision-Making Conference‭, ‬Miami‭, ‬FL‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Picciano‭, ‬P‭., ‬Sullivan‭, ‬K‭., & ‬Sidman‭, ‬J‭. (‬2010‭). ‬From flight logs to scenario‭: ‬Flying simulated mishaps‭. ‬In Proceedings of Interservice/Industry Training‭, ‬Simulation‭, ‬and Education Conference‭ (‬I/ITSEC 2010‭). ‬Orlando‭, ‬FL‭.‬

Freeman‭, ‬J‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Levchuk‭, ‬G‭., & ‬Colonna-Romano‭, ‬J‭. (‬2009‭). ‬Adapting training objectives‭ & ‬environments to improve learning‭. ‬Army Research Institute Workshop on Adaptive Training Technologies‭. ‬Charleston‭, ‬SC‭. ‬March 4-6‭, ‬2009‭.‬

Freeman‭, ‬J‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Levchuk‭, ‬G‭., ‬Colonna-Romano‭, ‬J‭., & ‬Shebilske‭, ‬W‭. (‬2009‭). ‬Techniques and technologies for optimizing instructional strategy‭. ‬Proceedings of the 24th Annual SIOP‭ (‬Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology‭) ‬Conference‭. ‬New Orleans‭, ‬LA‭, ‬2-4‭ ‬April 2009‭.‬

Freeman‭, ‬J‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬MacMillan‭, ‬J‭., ‬Carlin‭, ‬A‭., & ‬Levchuk‭, ‬G‭. (‬2009‭). ‬Capturing and building adaptive expertise in virtual worlds‭. ‬Proceedings of Human Computer Interaction International 2009‭. ‬San Diego‭, ‬CA‭, ‬19-24‭ ‬July 2009‭.‬

Levchuk‭, ‬G‭., ‬Schurr‭, ‬N‭., ‬Grande‭, ‬D‭., & ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭. (‬2009‭). ‬Future C2‭ ‬architecture for distributed execution‭: ‬A case study of intelligent particles‭. ‬Proceedings of the 14th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium‭.‬

MacMillan‭, ‬J‭., ‬Freeman‭, ‬J‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Wiese‭, ‬E‭., ‬Ayers‭, ‬J‭., & ‬Geyer‭, ‬A‭. (‬2009‭). ‬Aiding in assessments‭. ‬WEPO Newsletter‭. ‬Orlando‭, ‬University of Central Florida‭. ‬Special Edition‭, ‬November 2009‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬E.W‭., ‬Roberts‭, ‬T‭., ‬Colonnal-Romano‭, ‬J‭., & ‬Weston‭, ‬M‭. (‬2009‭). ‬Behavioral Threads‭: ‬Authoring Coordinated Synthetic Team Behavior for Small-Group Training‭.  ‬2009‭ ‬Interservice/industry training‭, ‬simulation‭, ‬and education conference‭ : ‬Orlando‭, ‬FL

Freeman‭, ‬J‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭., & ‬Olivares‭, ‬O‭. (‬2008‭). ‬Assessment for Learning and Development in Virtual Environments‭. ‬Schmorrow‭, ‬D‭., ‬Cohn‭, ‬J‭., & ‬Nicholson‭, ‬D‭. (‬Eds‭.), ‬The PSI handbook of virtual environments for training and education‭: ‬Developments for the military and beyond‭. ‬Westport‭, ‬CT‭: ‬Praeger Security International‭.‬

Grande‭, ‬D‭., ‬Levchuk‭, ‬G‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭., & ‬Kruger‭, ‬M‭. (‬2008‭). ‬Identification of adversarial activities‭: ‬Profiling latent uses of facilities from structural data and real-time intelligence‭. ‬Proceedings of the 13th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium‭, ‬Seattle‭, ‬WA‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Walwanis‭, ‬M‭., & ‬Colonna-Romano‭, ‬J‭. (‬2007‭). ‬Using pedagogical information to provide more effective scenarios‭. ‬Proceedings of the 2007‭ ‬Interservice/Industry Training‭, ‬Simulation‭, ‬and Education Conference‭, ‬Orlando‭, ‬FL‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭. ‬Sager‭, ‬L‭., & ‬Witkin‭, ‬T‭. (‬2007‭, ‬June‭). ‬Overcoming misunderstandings in collaboration using linked ontologies‭. ‬Presentation at the 7th Biennial Meeting of the Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition‭, ‬Lewiston‭, ‬ME‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Ayers‭, ‬J‭., ‬Freeman‭, ‬J‭., & ‬Haimson‭, ‬C‭. (‬2006‭). ‬Representing human performance with Human Performance Measurement Language‭ (‬HPML‭). ‬Proceedings of the Interservice/Industry Training‭, ‬Simulation and Education Conference‭. ‬Arlington‭, ‬VA‭: ‬NDIA‭.‬

Freeman‭, ‬J‭., ‬MacMillan‭, ‬J‭., ‬Haimson‭, ‬C‭., ‬Weil‭, ‬S‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭., & ‬Diedrich‭, ‬F.J‭. (‬2006‭).‬ From gaming to training‭. ‬Proceedings of the Society for Applied Learning Technologies‭, ‬Orlando‭, ‬FL‭.‬

Freeman‭, ‬J‭., ‬MacMillan‭, ‬J‭., ‬Haimson‭, ‬C‭., ‬Weil‭, ‬S‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭., & ‬Diedrich‭, ‬F‭. ‬J‭. (‬2006‭). ‬Strategies and studies in game-based training‭. ‬Proceedings of the Society for Applied Learning Technologies‭, ‬Orlando‭, ‬FL‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Merket‭, ‬D‭., ‬Puglisi‭, ‬M‭., & ‬Haimson‭, ‬C‭. (‬2006‭). ‬Representing context in simulator-based human performance measurement‭.‬‭ ‬Proceedings of the Interservice/Industry Training‭, ‬Simulation and Education Conference‭. ‬Orlando‭, ‬FL‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Merket‭, ‬D‭., ‬Freeman‭, ‬J‭., ‬Wiese‭, ‬E‭., & ‬Jackson‭, ‬C‭. (‬2005‭). ‬A language for rapidly creating performance measures in simulators‭. ‬Proceedings of the Interservice/Industry Training‭, ‬Simulation and Education Conference‭ (‬I/ITSEC‭). ‬Arlington‭, ‬VA‭: ‬NDIA‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬W‭., ‬Freeman‭, ‬J‭., ‬Lackey‭, ‬S‭., & ‬Merket‭, ‬D‭. (‬2004‭). ‬Enhancing simulation-based training with Performance Measurement Objects‭. ‬Proceedings of the Interservice/Industry Training‭, ‬Simulation and Education Conference‭ (‬I/ITSEC‭). ‬Arlington‭, ‬VA‭: ‬NDIA‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬E.W‭., ‬Freeman‭, ‬J‭., ‬Lackey‭, ‬S‭., & ‬Merket‭, ‬D‭. (‬2004‭) ‬Enhancing Simulation-Based Training with Performance Measurement Objects.2004‭ ‬Interservice/Industry Training‭, ‬Simulation‭ & ‬Education Conference‭.‬

Lackey‭, ‬S‭., ‬Merket‭, ‬D‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬E.W‭., & ‬Freeman‭, ‬J‭. (‬2004‭) ‬Intelligent Training Support Tools‭: ‬Technology for the Future‭. ‬2004‭ ‬American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference‭.‬

Popp‭, ‬R‭., ‬Pattipati‭, ‬K‭., ‬Willett‭, ‬P‭., ‬Serfaty‭, ‬D‭., ‬Stacy‭, ‬W‭. ‬Carley‭, ‬K‭., ‬Allanach‭, ‬J‭., ‬Tu‭, ‬H‭., & ‬Signh‭, ‬S‭. (‬2004‭) ‬Collaboration‭ ‬and Modeling Tools for Couter-Terrorism Analysis‭. ‬2004‭ ‬IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Homeland‭ ‬Security and Personal Safety‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬E.W‭., ‬Effortless‭ (‬or Better‭!) ‬Bug Detection with PHP Assertions‭, ‬Tech Times Tribune‭, ‬January 21‭, ‬2003‭. ‬http‭://‬www.sitepoint.com/article/1008‭. ‬

Stacy‭, ‬E.W‭., ‬Using Java for High-Performance Computing‭, ‬RCI Seminar Series‭, ‬1998‭.‬

Guest Editor‭, ‬Digital Technical Journal‭, ‬special edition on High-Performance Technical Computing Software‭, ‬1998‭.‬

Kaufer‭, ‬S‭. ‬and Stacy‭, ‬E.W‭., ‬“Software Quality in the Real World‭,‬”‭ ‬Object Magazine‭, ‬September 1995‭.‬

Guest Editor‭, ‬Communications of the ACM‭, ‬special edition on Cognition and Software‭, ‬June 1995‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬E.W‭., ‬and MacMillan‭, ‬J‭. ‬“Cognitive Bias in Software Engineering‭,‬”‭ ‬Communications of the ACM‭, ‬June 1995‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬E.W‭., ‬Ideal Characteristics of Programming Languages and Environments‭, ‬ObjectWorld‭, ‬1994‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬E.W‭., ‬Optimizing Performance in C‭++ ‬Applications‭, ‬SD‭ ‬’93‭, ‬1993‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬E.W‭., ‬Ensuring Semantic Integrity of Reusable Objects‭, ‬ACM Conference on Object Oriented Programming‭, ‬Systems‭, ‬and Languages‭, ‬1992‭.‬

Stacy‭, ‬E.W‭.  ‬On Defining At-Risk Status‭.  ‬Prevention‭, ‬1982‭.‬

Segal‭, ‬E‭. ‬M‭., & ‬Stacy‭, ‬E‭. ‬W‭., ‬Rule governed behavior as a psychological process‭. ‬American Psychologist‭, ‬30‭, ‬54l-552‭, ‬1975‭.‬

Biederman‭, ‬I‭., ‬Rabinowitz‭, ‬J‭. ‬C‭., ‬Glass‭, ‬A‭. ‬L‭., & ‬Stacy‭, ‬E‭. ‬W‭. (‬1974‭). ‬On the information extracted from a glance at a scene‭. ‬Journal of Experimental Psychology‭, ‬103‭, ‬597-600‭.‬

Biederman I‭., ‬Glass‭, ‬A.L‭., & ‬Stacy E.W‭. ‬Jr‭. (‬1973‭). ‬Searching for objects in real-world scenes‭. ‬Journal of Experimental Psychology‭, ‬97‭, ‬22-27‭.‬

For more information about Webb’s publications, please contact aptima_info@aptima.com.

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