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Tara Brown

Tara Brown

Learning and Training Systems

Senior Scientist
Lead, Instructional Strategy & Support

Tara Brown is a senior scientist and leads Aptima, Inc.’s Instructional Strategy and Support Capability, which ensures training-related solutions are grounded in theory and tailored to the specific needs and constraints of users for maximum usability and effectiveness. At Aptima, she provides expertise in the areas of individual and team training, measure development, and assessment, as well as adaptability, team dynamics, and unobtrusive measurement.

In her nearly eight years at Aptima, she has both led and contributed to a number of training and assessment efforts for a range of Department of Defense customers, leveraging her deep knowledge of learning theory, instructional design best practices, and knowledge elicitation strategies to design, implement and evaluate effective training programs. She has also managed large efforts for the Army related to the unobtrusive measurement of team and multi-team system states and processes. Her current work at Aptima focuses on utlilizing the company’s innovative training design, development, and evaluation methods to maximize human performance.

Tara holds a PhD and MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Michigan State University, and a BS in Psychology from Wright State University. She is a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and has co-authored several conference presentations, journal articles, and book chapters on the topics of training, teamwork, adaptation, and performance measurement.


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Brown, T. A., Ratwani, K. L., & Carlin, A. S. (2019). Enabling lifelong learning using a novel, adaptive recommendation engine. Poster presented at the 2019 iFest Conference, Alexandria, VA.

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Stacy, W., Beaubien, J. M., & Brown, T. (2019). Self-regulated learning and expertise: Dual cognitive processes. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Berlin: Springer.

Additional Publications

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