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Samantha Dubrow

Samantha Dubrow

Learning and Training Systems

Associate Scientist 

Samantha Dubrow portrait

Samantha conducts applied research in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, team and leadership training, unobtrusive measures of team behavior, artificial intelligence, and human-machine teaming.

Samantha holds a BA with special honors in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from The George Washington University. She is a doctoral candidate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at George Mason University studying under Dr. Stephen Zaccaro. Her doctoral work focuses on research in multidisciplinary teams, multiteam systems, team leadership, simulation and training, and social network analysis in domains including emergency response, disaster recovery, healthcare, and scientific collaboration.

Notable Publications

Zaccaro, S. J., Dubrow, S., Torres, E., Campbell, L. (2020). Multiteam systems: An integrated review and comparison of different forms. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 7, 1-65.

Dubrow, S. & Bannan, B. (2019) Toward improving interagency learning in emergency response simulations contexts with wearable technologies. To be presented at the 21st Annual Conference of Human-Computer Interaction, Orlando, FL.

Purohit, H., Dubrow, S., & Bannan, B. (2019) Designing a multimodal analytics system to improve emergency service training. To be presented at the 5th annual International Conference on Learning and Collaboration Technology, Orlando, FL.

Dubrow, S., Behrend, T. S., & Emich, K. J. (2018). I think you can: Transpersonal efficacy in teams. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 33(7/8), 458-474.

Zaccaro, S. J., Green, J. P., Dubrow, S., & Kolze, M. (2017). Leader individual differences, situational parameters, and leadership outcomes: A comprehensive review and integration. The Leadership Quarterly, 1-42.

Dubrow, S., Dobbins, C., Bannan, B., Zaccaro, S., Peixoto, N., Purohit, H., Rana, M., & Au, M.  (2017). Using IoT sensors to enhance simulation and training in multiteam systems. The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) Published Proceedings, 1-10.

Zaccaro, S. J., Dubrow, S., Kolze, M. (2017) Leader traits and attributes in Antonakis, J. & Day, D. V. (3rd), The Nature of Leadership (pp. 29-56). Thousand Oaks, California: Sage.

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