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Peter Neubauer

Peter Neubauer

Performance Assessment Technologies

Principal Software Engineer

Peter Neubauer specializes in training simulation systems and automated human performance assessment. He has over twenty years of combined professional and academic experience creating innovative solutions for customers through expertise in technical project leadership, software design and architecture, software system integration, database systems, and real-time computer networking. He currently provides technical and project leadership for an automated human performance assessment system employing the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol and for a human performance data management and analysis platform. He works closely with subject matter experts, research teams, and engineering teams to identify scientifically sound and technically sustainable solutions to emerging problems.

Peter holds an MS in Embedded Systems and BSE in Computer Systems Engineering from Arizona State University. He is a member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society.

Notable Publications

Watz, E., Neubauer, P., Kegley, J., “Managing Learning and Tracking Performance across Multiple Mission Sets”, (18304), Proceeding of the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), Or-lando, FL, 2018.

Neubauer, P., Freiman, M., Schroeder, M., Starrett, J., Schreiber, B., Watz, E., “Predicting Pilot Proficiency with Interoperable Human Performance Assessment,” (17-SIW-003), Proceedings of the Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Orlando, FL, 2018.

Ramsey, L., Bloomer, J., Watz, E., and Neubauer, P., “Evaluation of Predator Research Integrated Networked Combat Environment Workload Indices via Neurobridge Kit,” tech. report, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, Nov. 2015.

Neubauer, P., “Standards and Technologies for the AFRL Learning Management System: Survey and Recommendations,” tech. report, Dayton, OH, Nov. 2012.

Neubauer, P., and Watz, E., “Network Protocol Extensions for Automated Human Performance Assessment in Distributed Training Simulation,” Proceedings of the Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Boston, MA, Apr. 2011.

Neubauer, P., “Improving Simulation Data Quality for Automated Human Performance Assessment,” Proceedings of the Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Orlando, FL, Sept. 2009.

Neubauer, P., Portrey, A., Schreiber, B., Watz, E., Keck, L., DeFabritis, D., Rigsby, B., Williamson, M., and Gehr, S., “Warfighter Readiness Assessment and Performance Measurement and Tracking System,” Air Force Research Laboratory (711th HPW/RHA), Mesa, AZ, Final Report, Nov. 2008.

Neubauer, P., DiSalvo, P., and Watz, E., “Improving Simulation Training Through Data Warehousing,” Proceedings of the Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Orlando, FL, Nov. 2008.

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