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Michael Knapp

Michael Knapp

Technology Group

Principal Software Engineer 
Lead Microservice Architect LinkedIn

“My passion is sustainable software development. I believe developing maintainable systems requires a holistic approach focused on defined interfaces and responsibilities.”

Michael Knapp specializes in architecting and implementing distributed computing systems across varied platforms to provide tailored solutions. He has a breadth of professional software engineering experience ranging from distributed service-oriented architectures to hard real-time embedded systems. Michael has extensive experience with development using a wide range of technologies including .NET Framework, WCF, and Web services for application software, C++, Linux, VxWorks, and MicroBlaze for embedded environments, and is currently focused on microservice architectures and domain driven design. Prior to joining Aptima, he was a Chief Software Engineer at Harris Corp specializing in developing frameworks for distributed web services. Along with other responsibilities at Aptima, Michael is the Lead Microservices Architect across Aptima’s technologies.

Michael holds an MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering, with specializations in Communications and Machine Learning, and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Florida.

Notable Publications

Beaubien, J.M., Knapp, M., Wade, A., & Watz, E. (2017). Performance measurement considerations for live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) training. In Proceedings of the 2017 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC). Paper No. 17091. Arlington, VA: National Training and Simulation Association.

“Fixing” the Military Decision-Making Process (15220) Michael J. Smith, Ronald B. Sprinkle, Leidos; COL Johnny Powers, U.S. Army PEO STRI; James Xu, Adayana; Michael Knapp, Aptima, Inc., 2015

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