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Lisa Lucia

Lisa Lucia

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Lisa LuciaWith a background in experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience, Lisa’s interests and experience span from the study of human perception, cognition, and memory to visuospatial abilities and skill learning through training. At Aptima, she manages and contributes her technical expertise to projects that involve the development of neuroscience-based expertise assessments, proactive and adaptive decision-support tools, software for training resilient teams, fitness planning and injury prevention applications, and ICU state monitoring systems. Prior to Aptima, she coordinated delirium research projects at the Aging Brain Center, taught mathematics in the Boston Public School system, researched the effects of video games on visuospatial skills at Tufts University, and conducted neuroimaging studies of schizophrenia at Harvard Medical School’s Brain Imaging Lab.

Lisa holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience from Tufts University and a B.S. in Biological Psychology from Bates College.

Notable Publications

Lucia, L. C., Beaubien, J. M., Steinhauser, N., & Steed, R. (December 2017). Assessing Submariners’ Intuitive Decision-Making Skills Using Neurocognitive Methods. Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference. Voted Best Paper in the Human Performance, Analysis, & Engineering Subcommittee.

Flanagan, S., Horn, Z.N.J., Knott, C., Diedrich, F., Halverson, K., Lucia, L., & Weil, S. (July 2015). Teaching Social Interaction Skills with Stealthy Training Techniques. 6th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, Las Vegas, NV.

Schendan, H. E. & Lucia, L. C. (2009). Visual object cognition precedes but also temporally overlaps mental rotation. Brain Research, 1294: 91-105.

Onitsuka, T., Niznikiewicz, M. A., Spencer, K., Frumin, M., Kuroki, N., Lucia, L. C.,Shenton, M. E., & McCarley, R. W. (2006). Functional and structural deficits in brain regions subserving face perception in schizophrenia.  American Journal of Psychiatry, 163: 455-462.

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