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Zachary Kiehl

Zachary Kiehl

Research Engineer
Lead, Human System Performance LinkedIn

“‘Love and gratitude for what you do and for your fellow man, is the greatest source of inspiration and innovation.’ This passage constantly guides me in my exhilarating and rewarding work at Aptima.‬”

Zachary KiehlZach Kiehl‮ ‬has an extensive background in the fields of biomedical engineering‭, ‬human performance‭, ‬neuroscience‭, ‬medical imaging‭, ‬and physiological signals‭. ‬His particular areas of interests are aimed at using the principles of biomedical engineering and biomedical image/signal analysis to improve the performance of the human warfighter‭. ‬His experience encompasses training in human performance and signal processing/analysis from a wide range of physiological signals‭. ‬Zach‮ ‬has done extensive research‭ ‬in examining the neural correlates of cognitive bias along with an investigation of non-contact vital sign monitoring through an imaging photoplethysmography‮ ‬system‭ (‬iPPG‭). ‬Zach‮ ‬has also utilized his experience in iPPG‮ ‬and signal analysis to investigate the heart rate variability of data subjected to motion artifacts that commonly arise in working environments‭.‬

Zach‮ ‬holds an M.S‭. (‬Biomedical Systems Focus‭) ‬and B.S‭. ‬in Biomedical Engineering from Wright State University‭.‬

Notable Publications

Kiehl, Zachary Adam. Measuring Pulse Rate Variability During Motion Artifact with a Non-Contact, Multi-Imager Photoplethysmography System. Diss. Wright State University, 2015.

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