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Samantha Dubrow

Samantha Dubrow

Learning and Training Systems

Associate Scientist 

Samantha conducts applied research in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, team and leadership training, artificial intelligence, and human-machine teaming.

Samantha holds a BA with special honors in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from The George Washington University. She is a doctoral candidate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at George Mason University studying under Dr. Stephen Zaccaro. Her doctoral work focuses on research in multidisciplinary teams, multi-team systems, team leadership, simulation and training, and social network analysis in domains including emergency response, disaster recovery, healthcare, and scientific collaboration.

Notable Publications

Zaccaro, S. J., Dubrow, S., Torres, E*, Campbell, L. (Forthcoming). Multiteam systems: An integrated review and comparison of different forms. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 7, 1-65.

Alaybek, B., Dalal, R. S., Wang, Y., Dubrow, S., & Boemerman, L. S. G. (Revise and Resubmit) Relationships of reflective and intuitive thinking styles with task performance: A meta-analysis. Personnel Psychology.

Dubrow, S., Zaccaro, S., Klimoski, R., & Torres, E. M. (Under Review). Keeping it all Together: Developing and Maintaining Multiteam System Adhesion. Preparing manuscript for submission to Organization Science.

Dubrow, S. & Bannan, B. (2019) Toward improving interagency learning in emergency response simulations contexts with wearable technologies. To be presented at the 21st Annual Conference of Human-Computer Interaction, Orlando, FL.

Purohit, H., Dubrow, S., & Bannan, B. (2019) Designing a multimodal analytics system to improve emergency service training. To be presented at the 5th annual International Conference on Learning and Collaboration Technology, Orlando, FL.

Dubrow, S., Behrend, T. S., & Emich, K. J. (2018). I think you can: Transpersonal efficacy in teams. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 33(7/8), 458-474.

Zaccaro, S. J., Green, J. P., Dubrow, S., & Kolze, M. (2017). Leader individual differences, situational parameters, and leadership outcomes: A comprehensive review and integration. The Leadership Quarterly, 1-42.

Dubrow, S., Dobbins, C., Bannan, B., Zaccaro, S., Peixoto, N., Purohit, H., Rana, M., & Au, M. (2017). Using IoT sensors to enhance simulation and training in multiteam systems. The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) Published Proceedings, 1-10.