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Noah DePriest

Noah DePriest

Performance Augmentation Systems

Senior Software Engineer

Noah is a Senior Software Engineer in Aptima’s Performance Assessment and Augmentation Division, where he leads and supports software development for various projects. A large amount of Noah’s work at Aptima has dealt with designing and developing software for human-system environments, including integration with physiological sensors as well as task simulators so that data can be collected, stored, processed, and visualized in both real-time and post-hoc settings. He has also worked closely with scientists and engineers to integrate advanced analytics and algorithms into software architectures to provide real-time assessments of operator state. Noah has experience developing back-end web-server functionality to provide access and storage to databases, as well as in developing front-end user interfaces using both desktop and web-based technologies.

Noah received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from Ohio Northern University.

Notable Publications

Pappada SM, Papadimos TJ, Cameron BD, Carlin A, DePriest WN, Geyer A, Sidman J. Development of a Comprehensive Simulation, Training, and Clinical Decision Support System to Support Optimization of Glycemic Control in the Hospital/Critical Care Setting. Presentation at 3rd Annual International Hospital Diabetes Meeting, Cambridge, MA (2012).

Pappada SM, Feeney JJ, DePriest WN, System and Methods to Support Medical Therapy Decisions, Patent Application Submitted, July 2015.

Durkee K, Pappada SM, DePriest WN, et al. Systems and methods to determine user state, U.S. Patent Application, Ser. No 61/779,862 April 2013.

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