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Kent C. Halverson

Kent C. Halverson

Performance Assessment Technologies

Performance Assessment Technologies Division

“Exceptional performance is accomplished through an understanding of underlying human psycho-social mechanisms, achieved through systematic data collection and sound scientific analyses.”

Kent C. HalversonKent manages a portfolio of research projects for a variety of DoD agencies, such as the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. He leverages expert socio-technical problem solving skills across a variety of operational domains (e.g., military pilots, infantry soldiers, intelligence analysts) at multiple levels of analysis (e.g., individuals, teams, organizations) and research perspectives (e.g., perceptual, cognitive, behavioral, process, system) to improve warfighter performance.

Kent holds a B.S. from the U.S. Air Force Academy, an M.S. from the University of Illinois, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Florida.

Notable Publications

Flanagan, S., Horn, Z., Knott, C., Diedrich, F., Halverson, K., Lucia, L., & Weil, S. (2015). Teaching social interaction skills with stealthy training techniques. 6th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics.

Halverson, K. C., Yohai, I., Lansey, J., Weil, S., Lande, B., Olguin Olguin, D., & Demko, M. (2013). A multimodal approach to measuring behavior in social interactions. Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference.

Halverson, K. C., & Gray, M.J. (2008). The effects of ability homophily on individual performance.  Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA. (Chosen as a ‘Top 20’ Poster Presentation)

Halverson, K.C., Moore G., & Holt, D.T. (2007). The longitudinal effects of self-monitoring and locus of control on social network position in friendship networks. Academy of Management Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Erez, A., Misangyi, V.M., Johnson, D.E., LePine, M.A., & Halverson, K.C. (2008). Stirring the hearts of followers:  charisma as the transferal of positive affect. Journal of Applied Psychology, 93, 602-616.

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