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John Kegley

John Kegley

Research Scientist LinkedIn

John provides expertise in the areas of simulation-based training, fidelity evaluation, team training, human performance measurement, software development, and usability assessment. John is the project manager for the Sim MD simulator fidelity assessment tool, which seeks to identify training gaps and prioritize recommendations regarding associated hardware and software upgrades. He is also directly involved with the development and evaluation of warfighter training in the Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) and Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) domains for the United States Air Force.

John holds an M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Western Kentucky University, and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of South Florida.

Notable Publications

Shebilske, W., Narakesari, S., Alakke, G., & Kegley, J. (2007, June). Software helping military troops and persons with disabilities help one another. Poster presented at the Learning with Disabilities international conference, Dayton, OH.

Shebilske, W., Gildea, K., Kegley, J., Levchuk, G., Galster, S., Mendoza, O., & Williams, R. (2009, April). Air vehicle platforms for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems. Poster presented at the International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, Dayton, OH.

Galster, S., Williams, R., Mendoza, O., Shebilske, W., Levchuk, G. & Kegley, J. (2009, April). Utilizing a data table for visualization of command and control tasks. Poster presented at the International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, Dayton, OH.

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