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John (JCR) Colonna-Romano

John (JCR) Colonna-Romano

Software Architect

“I don’t just want to know what, I want to know how and why. A broad understanding of the world is key to being a serious problem solver; for when you are stuck, fundamental understanding is the catalyst for solutions.”

John “JCR” has over 35 years of experience in software technology, software architecture, product development, research software prototyping and software engineering. He pursues projects in a variety of technical areas such as: big data analytics, graph analytics, distributed processing frameworks, algorithm performance and scaling, adaptive training authoring systems and machine learning technology. Key areas of focus are in the cyber security and simulation based training domains.

JCR received an M.S. and B.S. in Computer Science from the Stevens Institute of Technology and holds a certificate in Software Architecture from the Software Engineering Institute.  He has co-authored two books on distributed system middleware architecture.

Notable Publications

Levchuk, G.,Shabarekh, C., Colonna-Romano, J., Blasch, E., Pattern-guided Multi-source Fusion using Probabilistic Graph Matching and Coordinated Belief Propagation. SPIE Defense and Security Conference 2015

Jones, R., Bachelor, B., Stacy E. W., Colonna-Romano, J., Wray, R., Automated Monitoring and Validation of Synthetic Intelligent Behavior. Proceedings of The 2015 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Balasingam, B., Pattipati, K., Levchuck, G., Romano, J. C., Robust Collaborative learning by Multi-Agents. Proceedings of the 2015 Eighth IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Security and Defense Applications.

Levchuk, G., Colonna-Romano J., & Pattipati, K. (2010). Adaptive Automated Opposing Forces for Urban Operations Training. Proceedings of the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference. Arlington, VA: NDIA.

Stacy, E.W., Roberts, T, Colonna-Romano, J., Weston, M. (2009). Behavioral Threads: Coordinated Synthetic Team Behavior for Small Group Training.  Proceedings of the 2009 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference, Orlando, FL.

For more information about Mr. Colonna-Romano’s publications, please contact aptima_info@aptima.com.

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