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Gabriel Ganberg

Gabriel Ganberg

Principal Software Engineer
Technical Lead, Interactive Intelligent Systems

Gabriel is the Technical Lead for Aptima’s Intelligent Interactive Systems capability, where he focuses on building context aware user interfaces that understand the goals of the user and adapt to suit the user’s current needs, and on building mixed initiative/adjustable autonomy systems that treat humans and automation as collaborators on the same team. Gabriel’s interests include applied artificial intelligence, distributed agent-based systems, graph computing/big data, and in pushing the boundaries of HTML5/JavaScript application development.

Gabriel received a B.A. degree in Computer Science and Economics from Vassar College.

Notable Publications

Pfautz, S., Jones, E., Ganberg, G., Chang, A., Diedrich, F., Scerri, P., Brooks, N., & Steed, R. (2012). Adaptive Decision-making for Distributed Assets (ADDA). In Proceedings of the 21st Behavior Representation in Modeling Simulation Conference (pp. 215-216).

Durkee, K., Shabarekh, C., Jackson, C., & Ganberg, G. (2011). Flexible Autonomous Support To Aid Context and Task Switching. Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Cognitive Methods in Situation Awareness and Decision Support, Miami, FL.

Ganberg, G., Ayers, J., Schurr, N., Therrien, M., & Rousseau, J. (2011) Representing context using the context for human and automation teams model. Presentation at the Activity Context Representation workshop at the Twenty-Fifth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. AAAI-11.

Good, R., Shurr, N., Alexander, A. L., Picciano, P., Ganberg, G., Therrien, M., Beard, B., & Holbrook, J. (2010). A testbed to investigate allocation strategies between air traffic controllers and automated agents. Presented at the 22nd Annual Conference of Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence. IAAI-10.

For more information about Gabriel’s publications, please contact aptima_info@aptima.com.