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Aptima and Human Capital Institute Offer Webcast

Aptima and Human Capital Institute Offer Webcast

“Ethical Challenges of Leading New Teams” Webcast Offered by Aptima and the Human Capital Institute

Webcast Scheduled for September 15, 2011 3:00pm EDT

Washington, D.C., September 15, 2011 – Col. Michael E. Haith (U.S. Army, Retired) will be the featured speaker in the “Ethical Challenges of Leading New Teams” webcast presented by Aptima, Inc. and The Human Capital Institute (HCI).

The presentation is the latest in HCI’s Leading Ethical Organizations learning track which was developed in collaboration with research and training conducted by Aptima. The webcast series explores creative techniques for leaders in promoting and enforcing ethical expectations, and inspiring employees to consider the ethical implications of their decisions.

Similar to building trust, establishing strong norms for ethical behavior can take significant time and effort as a leader. If not maintained, however, those hard-earned results take very little time to disappear. A strong ethical climate requires the shared assumption that all group members will consistently do the right thing, which is difficult in a business where cutting corners can lead to results that are often rewarded. Maintaining a belief in ‘doing the right thing’ requires deliberate efforts by leaders to remain transparent, promote discussion of ethical decision making, lead by example, reliably enforce organizational policy, and inspire others to adopt the leaders’ ethical standards.

Top companies worldwide now recognize that ethical behavior isn’t just a moral and legal obligation of its executives, but rather a way of conducting business that delivers true competitive advantages that shape its culture and impact the bottom line. “Ethical Challenges of Leading New Teams” is the 7th in a series of eight quarterly webcasts to be held in 2010-2011 on “Leading Ethical Organizations,” presented by expert practitioners from top ethical organizations sharing cutting-edge research and organizational best practices for building ethical workplaces.

The registration page for this free event can be found at hci.org/lib/ethical-challenges-leading-new-teams.

WHAT: Ethical Challenges of Leading New Teams
WHEN: Airs live on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 3:00pm EDT
FOR DATES AND TIMES:  www.hci.org/lib/ethical-challenges-leading-new-teams
REGISTRATION: Open and free to HCI Community Members www.hci.org/membership

Aptima is sponsoring the “Leading Ethical Organizations” series, which will select leaders from top ethical organizations each quarter to present cutting-edge research and organizational best practices for building ethical workplaces. With the growing demand for knowledge and best practices, the series will present ground-breaking organizational research on key leadership behaviors that are critical for reinforcing ethical behavior across the organization.

Aptima delivers programs, workshops, and distance learning software to help train leaders to create ethical climates, lead multi-cultural and multi-national teams, manage virtual and distributed workforces, and develop value-based decision-making skills for complex settings. More on Aptima’s advanced leadership competencies can be found at  www.aptima.com/leadership.

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