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Measure. Analyze. Improve.

The A-Measure® Platform measures human decisions and actions in mission-critical environments. Made up of three products, A-Measure allows you to track, analyze, store, understand, and visualize human performance in real time. These three products can be used as an integrated system, individually, or in specific combinations, depending on the customer’s needs.

With A-Measure, all measures are written and processed in an emerging SISO standard called HPML (Human Performance Markup Language). HPML provides both a schema for representing measures, and a means to report results and assessments.


Observe teaming coordination and interactions

To understand what is going on inside an instructor’s head, in the team dynamics, or inside the student’s thought processes, A-Measure’s SPOTLITE® tool provides observer-based measurement. Used with PM Engine or as a standalone application, SPOTLITE allows observers to subjectively rate and understand the performance of students and instructors in real time. SPOTLITE is a mobile application that offers the user flexibility to move within the training environment to maximize situation awareness as the training exercise unfolds.

PM EngineTM

Measure mission-critical human-system interactions

PM Engine is A-Measure’s system-based measurement tool that enables you to collect data from many different types of data sources. PM Engine works with any type of data, allowing you to quickly implement new ways to connect to different data sources, including: neurological, physiological, simulator data (HLA, DIS), built in instructor operator station control, communications, and audio. All of these data sources–and others–can be connected into PM Engine.

Performance DashboardTM

Explore results for deeper mutual understanding

The Performance Dashboard is A-Measure’s data front end. The Performance Dashboard features web-based displays and filtering tools that allow you to analyze performance data captured by PM Engine and SPOTLITE, in both real time and post mission (e.g., debrief, after action review). In real time, you can see performance results as they are captured, allowing you to gain and maintain an accurate understanding of trainee state and make timely adjustments to the training environment as needed to better the development experience.

Learn more about the A-Measure Platform in our A-Measure Brochure.

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