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Sylvain Bruni

Sylvain Bruni

Performance Augmentation Systems

Senior Human Systems Engineer 

Lead, Cognitive Systems Integration

Sylvain is Senior Human Systems Engineer at Aptima‭, ‬Inc‭. ‬He leads Aptima’s Cognitive Systems Integration‭ (‬CSI‭) ‬capability‭, ‬which focuses on human factors analyses and delivery of prototype technologies‭. ‬The domains of application of CSI technology cover a wide range‭: ‬patient engagement systems in healthcare‭, ‬medical decision-support systems‭, ‬military‭ (‬re‭-)‬planning technology‭, ‬interfaces for the supervisory control of teams of unmanned systems‭, ‬etc‭. ‬At Aptima‭, ‬Sylvain additionally provides expertise and leadership in human-centered design processes‭: ‬requirements definition‭, ‬design development and implementation‭, ‬and system evaluation‭. ‬His research focuses on human-automation collaborative systems‭, ‬multimodal UIs‭, ‬human-in-the-loop experimentation‭, ‬and the statistical analysis of human-centered system data‭. ‬Prior to joining Aptima‭, Sylvain conducted research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology‭ (‬MIT‭), ‬focusing on designing and testing of collaborative decision-support systems‭, ‬specifically in military environments‭. ‬

Sylvain holds an S.M‭. ‬in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT and a Diplôme d’Ingénieur from the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité‭ (‬Supélec‭, ‬France‭). ‬He is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society‭, ‬the IEEE Systems‭, ‬Man‭, ‬and Cybernetics Society‭, ‬the Association for Computing Machinery‭, ‬and the DoD Human Factors Engineering Technical Advisory Group‭. ‬

Notable Publications

Bruni‭, ‬S‭., ‬Riddle‭, ‬K‭., ‬Ortiz‭, ‬A‭., ‬Dumond‭, ‬D‭., ‬Lynch‭, ‬S‭., ‬Marshall‭, ‬H‭., ‬Gaughan C‭., & ‬Saffold‭, ‬J‭. (‬2014‭). ‬A Decision Aid for Optimizing Experimental Design Involving LVC Environments‭. ‬Interservice‭ / ‬Industry Training‭, ‬Simulation and Education Conference‭ (‬I‭/‬ITSEC‭), ‬December 2014‭, ‬Orlando‭, ‬FL‭.‬

Bruni‭, ‬S‭., ‬Riddle‭, ‬K‭., ‬Ortiz‭, ‬A‭., ‬Dumond‭, ‬D‭., & ‬Saffold‭, ‬J‭. (‬2014‭). ‬The Assisted Experimental Designer‭: ‬A Decision Support System to Optimize Modeling and Simulation Experiment Design‭. ‬MODSIM World Conference‭, ‬April 2014‭, ‬Hampton‭, ‬VA‭.‬

Bruni‭, ‬S‭., ‬Chang‭, ‬A‭., ‬Carlin‭, ‬A‭., ‬Swanson‭, ‬L‭., & ‬Pratt‭, ‬S‭. (‬2012‭). ‬Designing an Adaptive Flight Deck Display for Trajectory-Based Operations in NextGen‭. , ‬San Francisco‭, ‬CA‭.‬

Swanson‭, ‬L‭., ‬Jones‭, ‬E‭., ‬Riordan‭, ‬B‭., ‬Bruni‭, ‬S‭., ‬Schurr‭, ‬N‭., ‬Sullivan‭, ‬S‭., & ‬Lansey‭, ‬J‭. (‬2012‭). ‬Exploring human error in an RPA target detection task‭. ‬Proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society‭, ‬Boston‭, ‬Massachusetts‭.‬

Bruni‭, ‬S‭. (‬2012‭). ‬Les apports du design cognitif et de l’ingénierie des systèmes sur l’augmentation des capacités humaines‭. ‬Café des Sciences de Boston‭ #‬48‭, ‬Cambridge‭, ‬MA‭, ‬September 2012‭.‬

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